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Industry News

Blu-Ray Still Struggling


ShareAnalysis: Is a 15 percent penetration good, bad, or indifferent? Retail research company is out with a new report on Blu-Ray, and among the tidbits in its press release is the fact that 15 percent of consumers surveyed by NPD report having used a Blu-Ray player in the past six months. Analyst Russ Krupnick provides a […]

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11 June 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

All About the DVD Logo- What is it? Do we really need it?


ShareWhat is a DVD logo? Do we really have to put it on our DVD? What is it for? Can we just download the logo on the internet or do we have to get it from some organization? If you’re a filmmaker, sometimes a very small thing like a DVD logo can be such a […]

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6 June 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

DVD Packaging and Customer Purchase Decisions


Share Maybe because of financial or time constraints, we do not give much attention to how we package our DVD. We just choose a decent photo for the artwork, a plain-looking case, and a good set of trays. After all, what matters most is what’s inside, right? What matters most is the content-the film! Yes, […]

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1 June 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

100 Really Creative Business Cards


ShareSo you’ve given much importance to the look of your website and you can’t wait for people to praise you for its coolness. You make a business card with your new web address- just the usual, no-frills business card …because you’ve spent all your money to pay the web designer and you simply find no […]

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28 May 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

35 Tips for Self-Management as a Musician


Share Most musicians say they want to make a lot of money with their music, but when it comes down to it, few are willing to do what it takes to have their music heard, promoted, and marketed. Self-management can be the cure-all for many dedicated, passionate, and talented musicians who are willing to put […]

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19 May 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

A Mastering Engineer’s Guide to Final Mixdown


Share“Garbage in, garbage out” is a common saying among mastering engineers. The quality of the source material limits the quality of the final product. Most of my clients have no problem following my simple preparation instructions, but they stop there. They figure once each mix sounds as good as they can get it, they’re done. In […]

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11 May 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

5 Music Promotion Tips For Increasing Album Sales on Your Website


Share Sometimes marketing your art can seem like a somewhat demeaning task. After all, you already put your whole self into a project and made it available to the public. Isn’t that enough? But regular marketing to your fans is actually more important than ever.  There are millions of products and diversions competing for your […]

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4 May 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Radiohead’s Deluxe Edition “Newspaper Album” Revealed


ShareRadiohead will release a deluxe edition “Newspaper Album” (not The Universal Sigh) for their latest album, The King of Limbs. It is scheduled to come out on May 9. According to the King of Limbs website, the “newspaper album” contains “two clear 10″ vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve,” a digital download, a compact disc, many […]

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28 April 2011

Erick Yankton Erick Yankton

Music is dying. Music is Thriving. Which is it?

music demise 8

ShareMusic is dying if you believe the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Music is a growing business if you believe Apple, Google, Spotify, Yahoo Music, Artist Direct, My Space Music, Pandora and hundreds of other options. They’re right – all of them. The ‘good ol days’ are gone. Everything lives in phases – music […]

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18 April 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Business: Study Reveals Consumers Prefer Direct Mail Use of CDs and DVDs


ShareDiscmail Direct and Direct Marketing Association conducted a study in 2010 about consumer’s attitude and response towards direct mail. Using more than 800 respondents, here are the results of the study: 85 % prefer a disc over an email and 59%of the 800+ respondents believe a DVD is more secure than an email. 91% of […]

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5 April 2011

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

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