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You might think you’re doing great with marketing your stuff, but I am certain you’re committing at least one of these marketing mistakes. Read up and correct the way you market while there’s still chance. Here are some of the most common marketing mistakes committed by even the marketing experts: Talking (or tweeting) about yourself […]

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What form of currency never fluctuates with the market? Answer: Your reputation. While many people say you shouldn’t care about what others think about you (and that it’s not your fault, it’s theirs blah blah blah), that only applies to the personal level. For example, if you get pregnant out of wedlock and your neighbor thinks […]

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For Artists: 7 Affordable Ways to Express Gratitude

expressing gratutude

You don’t have to spend big bucks just to show people you appreciate them. All you need is a bucket of sincerity and an affordable medium to express it. Gratitude can even be expressed for free as long as it’s personal and genuine. Here are some of the cheapest ways you can thank your fans: […]

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17 October 2014

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Examples of Really Good-looking Round CD Packaging


There are so many ways to package a CD than just putting it in a standard jewel case. A round CD packaging is one of them. It could be made of tin or thick cardboard or even wood. What’s so wonderful about them is that they’re unique so they’ll definitely stand out over the average […]

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14 October 2014

Marion Isobel Marion Isobel

7 Habits of Annoying Artists (Maybe You’re One of Them!)


Most annoying artists do not have any idea that they’re annoying. In fact, they think that people love them. It’s very important to know when you become annoying because not only is it good for your career to change your annoying habits, it’s good for you as a person in general. Here are some ways […]

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10 October 2014

Marion Isobel Marion Isobel

4 Things Every Filmmaker Should Carry Around During Film Festivals


Aside from having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of awesome people, our primary goal as filmmakers when we go to festivals is to sell our films or ideas. If you have that goal in mind, you will certainly need the following to increase your chances of getting your film bought or green […]

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3 October 2014

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Five CD Packaging Options for Multi-Disc Projects

multidisc cd packaging

If you have a multi-disc project, say a 10-year album compilation, you have to think how you will package your discs because it won’t definitely be like the regular CD jewel case. It has to have enough room for your discs to sleep comfortably in. Here are some of the options for multi-disc CD/DVD projects […]

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28 September 2014

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

6 Reasons You Must Absolutely Bring Postcards to Film Festivals

film postcard printing

For those attending their very first film festival, you might be shocked by just how aggressive filmmakers are in promoting their films. You will see these young filmmakers carrying big bags full of DVD screeners and posters, handing them to every film programmer/producer/press who shows even the least bit of attention. That’s because when you […]

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15 September 2014

Marion Isobel Marion Isobel

11 Things No Artist Should Live Without

artist tips money promotion

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for decades, there are essentials that you should not live without especially if you want your career to progress (who doesn’t?). As they say, artists cannot live with talent alone.  You need to be able to sell yourself to all the people you meet may it […]

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4 September 2014

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Good- Looking Promotional Flash Drives that Really Stick


If you’re planning to make promotional flash drives for your company, make sure it’s cute and reflects your products to a T.  The goal is to remind the recipient of how cool of a company you are every time they use your flash drive. The only way to do that is by incorporating the designs of […]

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23 August 2014

james James Hill

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