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multidisc cd packaging

If you have a multi-disc project, say a 10-year album compilation, you have to think how you will package your discs because it won’t definitely be like the regular CD jewel case. It has to have enough room for your discs to sleep comfortably in. Here are some of the options for multi-disc CD/DVD projects […]

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film postcard printing

For those attending their very first film festival, you might be shocked by just how aggressive filmmakers are in promoting their films. You will see these young filmmakers carrying big bags full of DVD screeners and posters, handing them to every film programmer/producer/press who shows even the least bit of attention. That’s because when you […]

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11 Things No Artist Should Live Without

artist tips money promotion

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for decades, there are essentials that you should not live without especially if you want your career to progress (who doesn’t?). As they say, artists cannot live with talent alone.  You need to be able to sell yourself to all the people you meet may it […]

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4 September 2014

Chris Bauer Chris Bauer

Good- Looking Promotional Flash Drives that Really Stick


If you’re planning to make promotional flash drives for your company, make sure it’s cute and reflects your products to a T.  The goal is to remind the recipient of how cool of a company you are every time they use your flash drive. The only way to do that is by incorporating the designs of […]

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23 August 2014

james James Hill

How to Gracefully Handle Criticism About Your Art

criticism (1)

What is criticism? It is the judging of the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible manner. It is not merely finding fault, but finding solutions so the work can be improved exponentially. We know this but it is sometimes not very easy for artists especially when we’ve invested too much time and effort in our […]

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20 August 2014

james James Hill

Wow! These Conceptual Shirt Designs are so Hard to Ignore.

shirt designs conceptual creative

If you’re promoting a product, band, film, event or what have you, t-shirts are an awesome way to create a buzz. But in order for people to really stop, look and listen, you have to make exceptionally catchy t-shirt designs. What makes a t-shirt design catchy? Well, it’s the concept. We can’t give you a step […]

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13 August 2014

james James Hill

How to be More Likable as an Artist

circuit and jojo

There are lots of talented artists who don’t get too far because their personalities get in the way.  Yes, most of the supporters don’t really care about how the artists are in real life but colleagues, executives, and other professionals in the industry do.  Not that these people are really too sensitive or they’re just […]

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7 August 2014

james James Hill

Tips on How to Make it in Music in 2014 and Beyond

music career

The brilliant rapper Kellee Maize wrote a list of tips on Huffington Post on how she “made it” in music. Here are the most important points from her article that every (EVERY!) musician must read: 1. Don’t Do Free Shows.  Free shows is amazing because it can hone your skills in actually performing in front of an audience and it is […]

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5 August 2014

james James Hill

Foil Wrap as an Awesome Add-on to Your CD Packaging


The foil pack may seem like it’s something that only goes well with a box of cereal or a bag of chips. However,take a look at how foil packs are used as CD packaging. Awesome or what? Audible Visions The foil bubble wrap not only gives this album a bit of sleek, industrial look, it also protects the […]

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1 August 2014

james James Hill

PRESS Kits are Meant to ImPRESS


Press Kits should be really impressive or else don’t make any at all (it will just turn-off the journalists and executives). Press kits are like promotional booklets/sales brochures with detailed information about your film or project. Your press kit should include information about your project from your intention to the aspect ratio of your film. Some indie filmmakers […]

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31 July 2014

james James Hill

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